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Herbal Fruitox Cleanser Kit

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This cleanse is great for immediate weight lost,
serious chronic digestive issues, fatigue, tiredness,
stress reliever, also skin clarity.

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Fruitox Juice Cleanser I

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A wonderful tasting juice tonic that helps to
eliminate waste/toxin build-up in the human body.

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Fruitox Body Cleanser Lemongrass Soap

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Are you having skin problems? This soap scrub can actually make
your skin softer and glow.

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Herbal Fruitox Cleanser II

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The complete body cleanser that eliminates toxins,
mucus, plaque and old waste build-up, not only in the
colon but entire digestive track!

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Customer Testimonials

I used the Dr. Juice Cleanse Kit to really clean my body after I was diagnosed as a Type Two Diabetic. I was amazed to find that not only did I lose 45lbs in the first month, I also lost…read more

Jackie Alstone

Easy to take along in your purse or leave at work in your desk drawer for when you have a craving for a snack–beats going to the vending machine for something that isn’t good for you. Dr. Juice Cleanse also…read more

Cassandra J. Martin

LOVE Dr. Juice Cleanse – Especially the ready to drink juice. I am not a breakfast person so usually skip it…but with the on the go bottles, I take with me when I’m out & about. And it tastes SOOO…read more

Tatum Shaw

have been using Dr. Juice Cleanse for about 3 months now and absolutely love it!  I am down 65 pounds and could not have done it without this product!!   The juice is great tasting and very filling.  Because its all natural, I…read more

Heather Bennett

The Herbal Fruitox Cleanser II is the best product on the market to clean your system out.  It’s not only good as a cleanse for healthy weight-loss but it’s just overall good for your system.  I feel refreshed and 20…read more

Martin Lowe