Monthly Archives: December 2014

As many of us wind down towards the end of the year, we tend to reinforce the poor diets we have led throughout the year through the festive period. There are lots of indications that your body is under pressure. An intolerance to alcohol or fatty foods, leading to digestive problems. Long bouts of constipation, […]

A fruit juice cleanse is a great way to detoxify your body and help to make a move towards a more positive and healthy lifestyle. But when you start out investigating how to do a fruit juice detox, it’s easy to miss essential things you need to do, or avoid doing. So let’s look at […]

If you have heard that there are benefits in moving towards a mucusless diet then you will probably already be aware that some types of food produce mucus in large quantities during digestion. Foods such as meat, poultry, grains, dairy and starch can all cause dramatic increases in mucus levels when being digested. Meat, poultry […]

1. One of the main benefits of juicing is that it can help your body to more rapidly and completely absorb the nutrients contained in it. This simplified digestion can have many benefits including helping your body to produce less mucus, which can greatly benefit you. 2. Breaking down fruit and vegetables into a juice […]

More and more people are undertaking fruit juice cleansing. They are discovering that it’s a great way of rebalancing your body and mind, and resetting your digestive system to how it should be. But many people who are thinking about doing fruit juice cleansing for the first time wonder if the extra effort and money […]

The drinking of fresh juice, be it vegetable juice, fruit juice, or a combination of both, doesn’t really seem like much of a life changing revolution to many people. However, the fact is that millions of people get involved with juice cleansing every year. There must be a reason why people do it, otherwise it […]

Many people and websites use of the terms “juice fast” and “juice feast” interchangeably in the same conversation that the terms juice diet, juice cleanse and juice detox are also used. It is further complicated as some people under take fruit juice cleansing, while others do vegetable-based cleansing, while some people do both together. This […]

Get some friends Juice detoxing is going to be easier if you surround yourself with people who understand what you are going through. Although your friends and family might generally help, if you can get someone else to go through a juice detox at the same time, then you will find someone you can lean […]