Monthly Archives: January 2015

After a period of self-indulgence, or years of physical neglect, the idea of simply juicing up your fruit or vegetables for a few days and suddenly turning into a new person can seem hugely attractive. But you will also have to answer the question “Are juice fasts healthy?” If you are to put your mind […]

There’s no denying that the interest in juicing globally is now huge. Many shops reported that 2014 saw them experience a high demand for domestic juice making machines. On top of that, more and more sites discussing the benefits of juicing have come into existence. Reinforcing that, we here at Dr Juice Cleanse have experienced […]

The juice detox can be a wonderful thing. It helps to kickstart your digestive system into working in peak condition and it detoxifies your body. The whole process can allow you to become healthier and fitter. But no matter how many times you do a juice cleanse, there will be times when you find it […]

If you want to pack your body to the brim with disease fighting nutrients then a fruit juice cleanse can be the perfect answer. Sometimes it’s not enough to just eat healthily, you need to give your body a complete break while still maintaining the speed and integrity of your digestive system. It’s a widespread […]

There are times in your life, especially after the festive period, when you can feel sluggish and generally not operating at your best mentally and physically. This can be exacerbated by weight gain, skin problems and most importantly digestive issues. The process of detoxifying the digestive system is many centuries old, and all cultures speak […]