5 Things to do at the end of your Juice Detox

Nothing destroys the thrill of a good detox than gradually watching the weight creep back on over the next few months. With that in mind, making sure you put some new habits in place ready for the end of your detox is a great idea. Your detox is about freshening up your body and clearing out old and inhibiting toxins; once that has been achieved, it is really important to build on that start and make your new body a temple – and not one that worships at the altar of cake!

Get ready for the first day of your new life by making some sensible decisions about how you want to maintain the healthier you in the days after your juice detox finishes. Since you probably won’t want to do too much during the programme, incentivise yourself by making all the preparations for your fresh start.

• Exercise -making a conscious decision to begin exercising can be daunting because we expect to need to work hard, exhaust ourselves and sweat buckets. Exercise hurts! In fact, three 30 minute bursts of exercise do wonders. Use the juice cleanse time to choose your fitness regime and buy yourself some new gear to wear when you start.
• Drink water – most of us don’t drink enough water but it is essential for processing fat, rejuvenating our cells and stops us mistaking thirst signals for the hunger. Identify why there is not enough water intake in your day and address it, either by carrying a water bottle with you or having a filter jug on your desk at work.
• Treat yourself -your detox is bound to have left your slimmer so treat yourself to some new clothes that fit nicely around your new shape and size. It’s an ideal way to naturally monitor your girth as well as rewarding your effort with something not food based.
• Plan better food choices – are you a nibbler? If it is all too easy to reach for bread and biscuits in a normal day, so make some plans for having fruit and vegetables to hand for when you are tempted with high calorie foods.
• Plan for a better way of life – calories and unhealthy habits sneak in too easily. Start planning for when you will fit in exercise, how you will keep track of your calorie intake and what you want to achieve next in terms of weight loss and better health.

Your juice cleanse is just the start of the new you – make it count!

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