In part one I told you how I came to start seriously considering the use of a fruit juice cleanse diet in order to change my lifestyle. I looked into it all, I bought the equipment I needed and I also made sure I was supplementing everything I did with professional advice and high quality […]

If you are reading this article then you’ve no doubt heard the buzz about how great juicing is for both cleansing the body and for losing rapid weight. The truth is that juicing is becoming more and more popular as a way of detoxing, and as part of a longer term healthy lifestyle strategy. The […]

Cleansing the body using blends of natural juices, sometimes simply known as juicing, is becoming an increasingly fashionable global trend. Suddenly, it seems everybody is talking about the benefits of a juice cleanse. One shopping centre in the UK reported a recent uplift in the sales of home juicing machines of more than 4000%. Trendy […]

More and more people are now using a juice diet, otherwise known as a juice cleanse, or simply juicing, in order to achieve significant weight loss. There are a huge number of resources online describing in detail recipes, tips and stories, and selling juicing products. But can you really achieve significant weight loss through juicing […]