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Making the decision to partake of a commitment like a juice cleanse often comes as part of a wider decision to clean up a lifestyle and become generally healthier. Perhaps you’ve got too fat for your own comfort, or the doctor has advised a change in habits to improve your general wellbeing. Maybe you’ve had […]

1. Juice cleansing will help you lose weight Although initially it will be water weight, a juice cleanse will help you to lose weight rapidly. 2. It’s not just you who needs to prepare for a juice cleanse Although you will oversee try and prepare yourself for the shock of a juice cleanse, you also […]

I first heard about juicing three years ago. It’s something I was then only sort of aware of when I read online magazines and spoke to some of my friends. The thing is, it sounded a bit too good to be true. It helps you lose weight and it detoxifies your system. Just from swapping […]

Digestion is an incredibly energy intensive business. In a poor diet, the energy it takes to digest our food and produce the insulin required to deal with the sugar spike from the refined sugar and carbs you are probably eating, means you will almost always be hungry again virtually straight away. It’s a vicious cycle […]

After a period of self-indulgence, or years of physical neglect, the idea of simply juicing up your fruit or vegetables for a few days and suddenly turning into a new person can seem hugely attractive. But you will also have to answer the question “Are juice fasts healthy?” If you are to put your mind […]

If you want to pack your body to the brim with disease fighting nutrients then a fruit juice cleanse can be the perfect answer. Sometimes it’s not enough to just eat healthily, you need to give your body a complete break while still maintaining the speed and integrity of your digestive system. It’s a widespread […]

There are times in your life, especially after the festive period, when you can feel sluggish and generally not operating at your best mentally and physically. This can be exacerbated by weight gain, skin problems and most importantly digestive issues. The process of detoxifying the digestive system is many centuries old, and all cultures speak […]

A fruit juice cleanse is a great way to detoxify your body and help to make a move towards a more positive and healthy lifestyle. But when you start out investigating how to do a fruit juice detox, it’s easy to miss essential things you need to do, or avoid doing. So let’s look at […]

If you have heard that there are benefits in moving towards a mucusless diet then you will probably already be aware that some types of food produce mucus in large quantities during digestion. Foods such as meat, poultry, grains, dairy and starch can all cause dramatic increases in mucus levels when being digested. Meat, poultry […]