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Like all diets and health and fitness programs there are ups and downs associated with following a juice detox. The first few days can be a little tough as you and your body get used to taking in less calories and only drinking rather than eating. It is important that during this time you focus on all of […]

Are you ready for summer? Are all of your sweaters packed away, and your closet filled with tank tops, shorts and swimsuits? Or are you still wallowing in the lethargy of winter and unable to respond to the spring sunshine which is the precursor to summer? Winter blues are very real and can be caused by a number […]

You will read a lot online about how great a juice detox is for your body and mind. But what you will not read a lot about is the possible juice detox side effects you may experience. However, when we talk about possible side effects we are not talking about things that will damage your […]

The juice detox can be a wonderful thing. It helps to kickstart your digestive system into working in peak condition and it detoxifies your body. The whole process can allow you to become healthier and fitter. But no matter how many times you do a juice cleanse, there will be times when you find it […]