Discover The Possible Side Effects Of A Juice Detox

You will read a lot online about how great a juice detox is for your body and mind. But what you will not read a lot about is the possible juice detox side effects you may experience.

However, when we talk about possible side effects we are not talking about things that will damage your body or make you ill. What we are talking about is symptoms that can occur as your body responds positively to the recalibrating of your digestive system.

So let’s look at the main side-effects of a juice detox so that you can be fully prepared.

Physical Side Effects Of A Juice Detox

Many people experience common side-effects when they undertake a juice detox. None of these are harmful and there are common trends amongst what people experience:

• cold
• fevers
• skin spots
• headaches
• fatigue
• sinus problems
• still differences
• low energy levels
• changing body odor
• dizziness

Although this sounds horrendous, it is known as a healing crisis. What happens is that your body acts like a time machine and it takes you back to old problems and you experience things from a long time ago.

This is due to the stirring up and elimination of old toxins in your body that can bring back past sensations. Some people on a juice detox claim for example that years after they gave up smoking, doing their first detox brought back the smell and taste of smoking.

Digestive Issues During A Juice Detox

Because you are only putting juice into your digestive system, allowing it to digest quickly and easily, without producing excessive mucus, you are allowing your body the chance to eliminate toxins.

This chance to eliminate waste at an accelerated rate is taken up by the body and can sometimes cause discomfort.

Specific digestive system problems, include unusual bowel movements and a foul smell during them, sinuses draining and mucus loosening, nausea sometimes leading to vomiting, bad breath, skin odor and shaking.

Although this sounds terrible, most of the time the symptoms are relatively minor and are not overwhelming. On the other side of the mountain you will find that your body and mind feel refreshed and more powerful than before

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