Eliminate Energy Slumps by Juicing

Energy slumps can be a nightmare to live with, at work you can find yourself unable to concentrate, nodding off at your desk while at home you crash out in front of the TV without realising it. Naturally when we feel our energy levels dropping we grab a cup of strong, sweet coffee in the hopes that it will keep up awake, but all it does if provide us with a quick sugar spike which soon wears off and leads us into another slump. Rather than a coffee, reach for a juice made from freshly pressed fruits and vegetables. While the juice will also provide a spike in the blood sugar it also provides a concentrated hit of nutrients which will benefit the body far more than caffeine.

Juicing is not only a way to combat the afternoon energy slump, it is also a great way to rid the body of harmful toxins which have built up over time; toxins which have been introduced to the body by bad diet, processed foods and excess alcohol and other stimulants. The body includes a natural detoxification system, however the amount of pollutants that we come into contact with every day, from the air that we breathe to the food that we eat place undue stress on this system. Under the pressure it struggles to do the job it was designed to do, with things like poor skin quality, disturbed sleep and digestive issues all indicating that it is in trouble. By taking a few days out to undertake a juice cleanse diet lots of these problems can be alleviated. Juicing takes the pressure off the liver, kidneys and skin which are all trying hard to detox our bodies and lets them get on with the job at hand without placing them under any further stress.

After around a week of juicing you will notice that the afternoon energy slumps have become a think of the past. This is down to the fact that now the natural detoxification undertaken by the body is working effectively it is not laden down and struggling to cope, harvesting energy from any available source in order to carry on. Instead energy levels remain as they should be, allowing you to make it through the day with a balanced supply of energy.