Kickstart The New Year With These Great Body Detox Tips

Well, another New Year is finally upon us. I swear that every year seems to go quicker than the last, and life just gets that little bit more hectic each time.

But the New Year is an ideal time for everyone to think about a full body detox. It’s a time of refreshing yourself physically and emotionally. In many areas of our life, we look on the New Year as a new beginning, with New Year’s resolutions and new enthusiasm for commitments.

So let’s make this New Year a great one by undertaking a full body detox and then sticking to a healthy eating regime that will give you more energy and vitality for the long term.

Here I list my top three body detox tips to help you to be successful. Of course, I would advocate you consider a complete body detox through undertaking a fruit juice cleanse. I will give you more details on that at the end of the tips.

Tip #1: Drink 2 L of water per day. It is scientifically proven that drinking at least 2L a day, which equates to about eight normal glasses of water, will keep your body hydrated. This will help to cleanse your system, maximize dietary efficiency and help you to think more clearly.

Tip #2: Do some gentle exercise every day. Going on a health kick doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym or collapsing in a heap. You can go for walk, do some gentle aerobics or yoga, or a gentle sporting activity. If you are not used to exercise, then you shouldn’t push your body too fast, and if you are undertaking a full juice cleanse then you definitely shouldn’t push your body. But getting into the habit of doing a small amount of physical exercise every day will benefit you for the long-term.

Tip #3: Be aware of mucus forming foods. Foods such as white carbohydrates provoke our bodies into producing excess mucus in order to digest them. This is not good for us and stops our bodies working at peak efficiency. I would suggest you look into the possibility of working towards a mucusless diet to help you move away from the problems that can be caused from modern diets that produce excess mucus during the digestive process.

Dr Juice Cleanse is America’s leading brand for fruit juice cleansing products. If you would like the ultimate New Year detox, then you should consider undertaking a juice detox. It will also help you to move towards a mucusless diet.

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