Are You Missing These Key Things That Will make Your Juice Cleanse Easier?

The juice detox can be a wonderful thing. It helps to kickstart your digestive system into working in peak condition and it detoxifies your body. The whole process can allow you to become healthier and fitter.

But no matter how many times you do a juice cleanse, there will be times when you find it hard. Lots of people find it so hard many give up halfway through. So how can you stop that happening?

1. Make sure you clear your calendar
One of the biggest things that will stop you achieving a full juice cleanse, even of just three days, is things interfering. For example, doing a juice cleanse when you are going out for the night, going to a wedding, or even having a friend over, can cause real problems. The suggestion has to be that you completely clear your calendar, to the point of becoming a hermit, especially the first time you do it.

2. Do not do rigorous exercise
When I say rigorous exercise, I mean running, weightlifting, or an hour-long spinning class. Instead, go for a walk, do some gentle yoga, or a lazy swim. Because your energy levels will be lower you cannot push your body as hard. However, the way the human body eliminates most toxins is through sweating them out, so some exercise will help.

3. Make sure you sleep…lots
Because your body is working with less calories and is expelling toxins, it will be working harder. So make sure that you time your juice detox for a time when you can get lots of sleep. If children are round, ask your partner if they can let you sleep more.

4. Get a proper massage
During a professional massage lymph fluid is moved around your body. This can help with the elimination of toxins and improve your circulation. It can also obviously be relaxing during a time when you need your mind focused on getting through the juice cleanse.

5. Always ease your way out of a juice cleanse
It’s so tempting to reward yourself if you successfully complete a fruit juice cleanse. The urge to drink coffee, stuff a processed meat sandwich or go out for a celebratory meal can be overwhelming. What you need to do is slowly introduce healthy, whole foods into your new diet while still using juice part of the time.

To read in detail how the juice cleanse can benefit you, along with lots of tips for making it work for you, click here to download the Dr Juice Cleanse guide to undertaking a juice detox. Don’t worry it’s completely free.