Spring Clean Your System with a Juice Detox

Spring is finally in full flow which means that it is time to put away all of those winter pullovers and store away the boots until Fall. This also means that it is time to break out the lighter clothing and show the sun a little flesh which can be a bit daunting. Winter generally means heavy meals of hearty soups and warming casseroles all of which go towards enabling us to put on a little extra weight through the dark winter months, leaving us feeling more sluggish, lethargic and a little heavier than usual.

With the Spring sunshine comes the opportunity to give your body a much needed boost. By undertaking a juice detox diet for just a week you will be able to see the difference it will make to not only the way that you feel, but also the way that you look. All of the heavy winter foods you have been eating have placed a lot of pressure upon your digestive system and it needs a break, following a juice diet is a great way of allowing it to relax and recoup.

It is important when eliminating solid foods from the diet, that a good variety of fruits and vegetables are used for the juice, in order to ensure that the body in taking in a broad range of vitamins and minerals. By juicing, the digestive system is not required to undertake any heavy lifting in terms of breaking down the food, as the work has already been done by the juicer. It can relax and allow the liver and kidneys to get to work using the juice as fuel to clear the body of toxins which have built up in the body prior to the juice cleanse.

Juice cleansing is a great way to give your system a kick start, eliminate unhealthy toxins and give yourself an energy boost. A short term juice cleanse or juice detox is also a quick and easy way of losing a little weight as the calorific value of the juice is far less that that in a normal diet, which means that the body will start using up stored fat as fuel which leads to the quite rapid weight loss.