Start Juicing Today for Your Summer Bikini Body

Summer will soon be upon us which means holidays at the beach, back yard barbecues and plenty of opportunity to soak up the sun. It also means bearing the pale flesh that has been hidden under layers of warm clothing for the past several months. If you are feeling like you will never be brave enough to bear all in a bikini then perhaps you should kick loss your weight loss plan with a week on a juice diet?

Juicing is a great way to kick start the weight loss process, plus it also works to help reset your body into working better in terms of digestion and detoxification. Juice cleaning is something that many celebrities undertake a week or so before a red carpet event, as they know they are going to look slimmer, with clearer skin and glossy hair. These are just three of the visual effects that following a juice cleansing diet can have on the body, there is much more happening on the inside that you can’t see.

As you get a couple of days into the juice diet the body realises that it is not getting all of the calories that it is used to from the juice that you are drinking, it therefore turns to burning up all of the stored fatty deposits that it has been holding onto to create extra fuel which results in incredibly fast weight loss results.

As juice is so much lighter than solid food the body’s digestive system, as well as the liver and kidneys are not struggling under a heavy load anymore, and are therefore able to get to work giving the body a thorough detox. As all of the toxins are cleared the skin starts to become clearer and look healthier, and the hair is also receiving a boost from all of the protein building vitamins and minerals contained in the juice. A sensible alternation of juicing and healthy eating with plenty of water will soon see you ready to bare all on the beach this summer, and feel confident doing it.