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Are you ready for summer? Are all of your sweaters packed away, and your closet filled with tank tops, shorts and swimsuits? Or are you still wallowing in the lethargy of winter and unable to respond to the spring sunshine which is the precursor to summer? Winter blues are very real and can be caused by a number […]

How often have you looked at the beautiful bronzed bodies on the beach and wished you were brave enough to ditch your cover up and bare all to the sun? If you have always been self conscious about your body shape, now could be the perfect time to get started on a juice diet. By starting now and […]

Digestion is an incredibly energy intensive business. In a poor diet, the energy it takes to digest our food and produce the insulin required to deal with the sugar spike from the refined sugar and carbs you are probably eating, means you will almost always be hungry again virtually straight away. It’s a vicious cycle […]