Things To Avoid During A Body Detox

When people decide to go on a full body detox, it’s generally a great thing.

The decision to go on a full body detox can be the kickstart you need to re-discover the energy, vitality and general well-being that you were born with, but have since lost through the rigors of your unhealthy Western lifestyle.

Many of us, on recognizing the sluggishness we face every day, decide that it’s time to draw a line in the sand and detoxify our bodies. But it’s how we do that detox that matters.

Whether you decide to go on a general body detox, or a juice detox, were you undertake a juice cleanse that replaces your entire diet with juiced fruit and vegetables, the process is the same. You cut out all substances that can build up toxins in your body and replace them with only good nutrients.

When undertaking a general body detox, there are some things which people routinely do that can upset the balance of this undertaking. So what are those things?

  1. Alcohol.

Although it may seem obvious, some people think that alcohol can be consumed during a detox. Often, this can be red wine. Although red wine may have properties which aid health, there are calories, additives, plus of course alcohol, that simply should not be ingested during a detox.

  1. Cigarettes.

The toxins contained in cigarettes make them something you should definitely cut out of your life. I would not recommend you stop smoking as part of a general detox, because you might overload your ability to stay disciplined. But I would recommend that before you do detox you consider stopping smoking.

  1. Cut out processed foods.

If you are undertaking a general detox, you need to cut out all processed foods. It should be obvious what a processed food is. You are replacing anything that has been disassembled and reassembled for consumption with only whole foods. This means cutting out things like white flour and other refined carbohydrates, or sugars.

Here are Dr Juice Cleanse we recommend replacing a general detox with a fruit juice cleanse. Alternatively, you can mix fruit juice blends with vegetable blends. However you choose to do it, by simply cutting out all of the things which can do your body harm, and replacing everything you ingest with only juiced vegetables or fruit, you take away all the issues around detoxification.

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