Try Juice Detoxing for Flawless Skin this Summer

Like all diets and health and fitness programs there are ups and downs associated with following a juice detox. The first few days can be a little tough as you and your body get used to taking in less calories and only drinking rather than eating. It is important that during this time you focus on all of the positives that you are helping to bring about by completing a juice detox in the first place. Focus on the increased energy, the associated weight loss and all of the benefits to health and well being that you will not only feel, but also be able to see.

One of the reasons that so many people have problems with their skin is that it is working hard to eliminate toxins from the body, a process generally taken on in the most part by the liver. When the liver is placed under pressure other organs play their part in trying to detoxify the body. A juice detox helps with this process in a number of ways. Juicing fruits and vegetables means that the digestive system does not have to spend time breaking them down, they can make their way through the body easily and smoothly. During a juice detox the body is also receiving a massive vitamin boost, a boost which can help get certain bodily functions back on their feet. Processes such as protein building which strengthens hair follicles to produce stronger hair, and the creation of collagen which can greatly improve the texture and appearance of the skin are all side effects of the diet.

It is true that in the early days if the juice diet, a few more pimples may appear as the toxins are flushed out, but one the process is complete and the body cleansed then you will notice that you skin will start to appear more radiant than ever, and that teenage type acne, or the odd pimple or blemish will become a thing of the past. As your hair and skin improve you will note that your body shape too has also changes as a result of the weight loss involved in following a juice diet, leaving you feeling more confident than ever.