Monthly Archives: March 2015

Over the years there have been hundreds of fad diets which have swept the country, been acclaimed by the public and denounced by medical professionals. Take the Atkins Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet and the South Beach Diet for example, all of which have now slipped below the radar and into obscurity. The diet attracting […]

And relax! Let Yoga help you through your juice cleanse Being mentally prepared for the physical impact of a juice cleanse is an important part of deciding to do a juice based detox. A cleanse is a significant commitment to your body, a conscious decision to take your physical wellbeing in hand and clear out […]

Making the decision to partake of a commitment like a juice cleanse often comes as part of a wider decision to clean up a lifestyle and become generally healthier. Perhaps you’ve got too fat for your own comfort, or the doctor has advised a change in habits to improve your general wellbeing. Maybe you’ve had […]

1. Juice cleansing will help you lose weight Although initially it will be water weight, a juice cleanse will help you to lose weight rapidly. 2. It’s not just you who needs to prepare for a juice cleanse Although you will oversee try and prepare yourself for the shock of a juice cleanse, you also […]